New York, brash and crass, low class, greasy American rock. Stoner at times, but also sounding a little like Unsane meet ACDC at times. This is a hard groovin' rock and roll album.

"Sometimes there is absolutely nothing better than just some good 'ole stripped down, rugged and intense rock and roll. New York City's Gaggle of Cocks does just that on their latest album "Low Class Trendsetter". Without getting too wordy with unecessary adjectivity, this band delivers a high-energy and blistering display of potent white trash hard rock. The songs are short but definitely not sweet. With a gravel fed vocal delivery and furious fret board mayhem, you will be bashing your head into the wall with scorchers such as "Black Helicopters" and the bass-driven barrage that is "Guy Supreme". While the band isn't exactly "new" by any means, check out their 2008 release "American Trash" for more highfalutin debauchery." - Heavy Planet

$11.00 USD